What we do

BIOg builds and upgrades biomass plants, reducing and converting organic waste materials into valuable products. Biog is turnkey compared to conventional systems: we build and upgrade plants faster at less expense, all the while producing higher yields of viable products, including solid, liquid and gaseous fuels. These include carbon, activated carbon, electricity & biojet fuel.

Biog has purchase orders lined up and is looking for investors to fill these orders and gain a return.

Problems & Solutions


A billion tons of solid waste and trillions of gallons of polluted water are generated every year, worldwide. Waste creates an expansion of invasive species likes bugs & rats and triggers health problems, causing negative drains on the quality of life.


  • We are a turnkey solution for Biomass plants with patented technology. We build the plants at the source. This reduces processing time (from days to hours). The plants reduce greenhouse gases and other pollutants, reduce or even eliminate transportation costs and resources (trucking and fossil fuels), increases production yields of value-added products such as clean, renewable energy and fuels. This creates carbon sinks by sequestering carbon into a fixed state.

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  • US Dept of Energy: 2011 US Billion Ton Update

    One billion dry tons of agriculture and forestry waste generated per year

  • US Environmental Agency: Municipal Solid Waste Generation 2010

    250 million tons of MSW generated per year

  • ERC Directory of Waste-to-Energy Plants

    The current average cost of building a new WtE plant is $350 million and takes several years to build. There have been no new plants built in the USA since 1990

  • US Environmental Agency

    649,000 tons of scrap tires generated per year that are not being reprocessed.

  • US Environmental Agency

    32.1 billion gallons of wastewater generated per day. Within this are solids that need to be extracted, (roughly 1 dry ton/million gallons)

Sample Plant Pro forma

150 tons of tires processed per day yields the following:


    6,300 gpd (gallons per day) syndiesel = 150 Bbls (barrels).


    3.66 MWH (Megawatt per hour). The plant running 24 hours a day will produce 87.84 MW/day.


    60 tons of activated carbon. If carbon or carbon black is required, it can be produced as well. These are estimates which may vary. Once the feasibility study is performed, we will know precisely the production of lbs/day.

  • Expenses for production generally range from 20% to 30% of the gross sales.

  • Other federal tax incentives may be available due to the nature of selling gas.

    Frequent asked Questions (FAQs)
  • Who guarantees the performance of the BiogTCOM Biomass plants?

    BiogTcom CEO SherryAnna Levatino shakes hands with Jeron Schneider, Vice President & General Manager for Technip.com. Tehcnip provides our EPC & performance guarantees for BiogTCOM biomass plants. Technip.com grossed 11 billion dollars in 2012. Technip offers project management, engineering and construction for the energy industry. The company has about 36,500 employees and operates in 48 countries. Technip shares are listed on the NYSE, Euronext, Paris exchange and the USA over-the-counter (OTC) market as an American Depositary Receipt (ADR: TKPPY).

Our Team

team member

SherryAnna Levatino

Chairman & CEO

An entrepreneur, businesswoman, inventor and research scientist with more than 15 years of experience in Product Development, SherryAnna lives and breathes innovation.

team member

Faisal Sublaban

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Faisal’s Specialties: Financial structuring and negotiating of transactions, real estate acquisitions, sales, and constant positive energy. He has an MBA in Finance from Harvard University.

team member

Terry AppleBury

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Applebury served as President and CEO from 2000 to 2009 at APTwater, Inc. Mr. Applebury spent 28 years at Dow Chemical Corporation, where he held a number of positions manufacturing and R&D. Mr. Applebury received both his BS and MS degrees in Chemical Engineering from Montana State University.

team member

Christian A. Romero

Chief Technology Officer

Christian is a former professor of Computer Science at CSU, Sacramento. For the past 20 years, he has been consulting for the private sector, including national corporations and Fortune 500's. Mr. Romero is fluent in Spanish.

team member

Jeffrey Rahm

Chief Business Officer

Mr. Rahm has worked with Grumman Aerospace and Lockheed Martin and has built four successful manufacturing and assembly companies from the ground up. Mr. Rahm has two degrees, one in Business Management from Stockton State and one in Aeronautical Engineering from Florida Tech.

team member

Sachin Gugale

Chief Information Technology

Mr. Sachin graduated with honors and a 4.0+ GPA as a mechanical Engineer from MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He works in the private industry consulting with businesses and enhancing their engineering processes.

team member

Rita M. Lingwood

Chief Legal Officer

Rita M. Lingwood is the attorney for Biog, Inc. with responsibility for contract preparation and review, development and implementation of business procedures, and supervising compliance with regulations.

team member

Michael Ribeiro


Michael has twenty years of construction experience specializing in interior planning and design of Biomass , installation supervision, inventory control, engineering and project management.

Press & News

BIOg Hires New CFO

June, 2013. Faisal Sublaban, Harvard MBA, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Mr. Faisal currently holds the position of VP of Business Development and contracting for Bonotel Exclusive Travel. The good news is that Mr. Faisal was recently recruited by BIOg TCOM, where he will work in a full time position as our CFO. Mr. Faisal worked for Lansing Companies/Brooklyn Troy from January 2007 to August 2010, where he analyzed company capital structures in devising appropriate financing structures and permissible LTV ratios that allowed our clients to maximize leverage, increasing liquidity and lever the equity return. Mr. Faisal also drafted and negotiated acquisition, joint venture and acquisition financing agreements for US deals ranging from $1 million-$240 million.

BIOg has investment opportunities from $10 million to $300 million.

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